First Try

This is the post excerpt.


Why call it the ‘First Try’?

It is not the most creative of title for a blog, it does not grab anyone’s attention. To be honest if I saw this title, I certainly would not look at it second. Would you? Right now everyone is nodding with ‘of course I will’ but in reality no one will. Be honest with yourself, not something I do often so not sure how I can get away with saying that.

Anyway, First Try, the reasoning………there is no reason that comes into head. My mind goes blank on that but either way I am hoping I can find the answer by the time I finish writing.  I guess before I find that out, I should explain why I am doing this. So a bit about myself,  I am second year university student doing Business and Marketing, so I have roughly a year left of my degreeImage result for scary emoji png (my favourite emoji currently). Between the education I have to look at internships as well, which brings me back to the question of why?

Looking at one internship it wants someone with experience on WordPress, now in my head I have used WordPress but I realised I haven’t at all. Proving myself wrong completely not something that is great, does not make you happy at all. So I have decided to try it out see what is so great about WordPress or ‘blogging’.

Blogging is not something I thought I will do. It does not interest me, I don’t read any blogs so not really sure what I am expected. I realised in the time I have spent in uni so far it is quite vital for businesses especially if they want to stay with the ‘trend’. It is also important for us, individuals, to tell others about your life basically. But WHY? Why do they need to read about me? Is there something interesting in me that I was not aware of? Why do they need it? It all comes to a WHY. A word that was founded in the Old English which comes from German background (interesting fact); slightly of topic from the original question but these is what happens when you free writing I guess. Back on track I wanted to see the hype of the blogging  what the business world sees in it. I hope I find my answer to that soon.

I guess I named it First Try because it is. First time you can make mistakes, you learn from it. You make fewer as you along the track. First is a key aspect in our lives as well. You want to be the first one to win a race, to get the answer, to win. The word First is one in our life constantly might not realise it almost an unconscious part of you having a competition within ourselves.

So I guess I am trying to learn from the mistake I make in this one for my next one. Writing freestyle not worrying about grades or what others think helps, write whatever comes into our head, mind and heart. Putting in a screen will make it remembered for a while until the next one comes but it will be there.

This is the first of many to come I hope, so signing out  (always wanted to write it )